"I have work to do...
That's why I buy and sell on SportHorseAuctions.com"

We handle the transaction.
Just like our live auctions, we do the marketing and promotion, handle the paperwork and handle the transaction. The bidding is done completely online during a specified time frame. Your horse(s) stay at home and are presented to potential buyers on their online catalog page. We will guide you in providing the information, photos and videos that will encourage buyers to bid on your horse or pony. 
SportHorseAuctions.com LLC will promote the online auction through the same proven marketing that has reached nearly 35,000 buyers from around the world for 40 years. In addition to Internet promotion, we will send emails to our exclusive newsletter list to over 10,000 horse enthusiasts. We also send information to 200,000 sport horse enthusiasts through outside list providers.  
We ask our sellers to provide more information than you will find on any other Internet horse marketing site. In addition to more initial information, prospective buyers will have time to inspect horses, perform pre-purchase veterinary exams and correspond with Sellers.
Enter your horse or pony
Enter online using the convenient ONLINE ENTRY FORM that is available by clicking on the “SELL - Click Here to Enter Online” button on the home page or the Auction page. A new window will open that contains the Online Entry Form. Fill in the information on your entry. Be sure to accurately and honestly describe your entry. SportHorseAuctions.com LLC
Our web-based entry form allows you to quickly describe your horse or pony, upload photos and videos, and define a reserve, your minimum selling price. Completing the online entry form lets our specialists prepare your listing for upload to the auction site. It lets us know how to contact you about your listing and where we need to send the check after your entry has sold.
Photos that SELL
  SUCCESS depends on the quality of the photos and videos that you provide.   
GOOD Profile Photo
BAD Profile Photo
Up to 6 Photos may be used. Use QUALITY photos. These photos will be used in the Online catalog and preview as well as email promotion. Use good background and contrast. 1 or 2 QUALITY photos from a show or NICE enough to draw attention to your horse. 4 photos to show conformation: one from each side, the front and the back. NO PROOFS OR COPIES.

Upload your photos with your entry or email photos to [email protected] in the following format and with the required information: JPEG Format - Name of Horse - Name of Consignor - Name of Sale.
Videos that SELL
  1. A basic conformation video
    by thorostride.com -Show the horse tracking from the side, front and back
  2. A grooming video.
    Video by Danielle Veasy of the high selling foal of 2013. Show the horse being groomed, saddled, etc.
Videos are often the deciding factor in whether they will bid and how much they will pay you for your horse or pony. It's up to you to show potential bidders enough on your videos to make them comfortable. A single 10 second video clip won't make someone spend much money. 

Upload up to 4 Youtube Video Links when you enter online or email your video links to [email protected]

Four (4) Videos can be linked to the online information for your horse. 

We have found the following to be effective marketing tools.

Video 1 - Should be 2 minutes or less to keep the interest of initial shoppers. (Think of this as the commercial)

Video 2 - This one can be longer to show more detail. (Think of this as the infomercial)

Video 3 - Include conformation and movement so bidders can see legs at walk and trot. Add footage that shows the horses disposition, being groomed and saddled and in the stall. 

Take a look at the examples of conformation and grooming videos. 

Links to videos on other sites and additional YouTube video links can be included in the description of your entry.
Videos for Show Horses & Ponies
  1. Show Video
    Show them a FULL course or test.
  2. Introduction Video
    Let shoppers get to know your entry.
  3. Work at home
    Show them a training session at home
Selling Options
Sell with NO RESERVE or Minimum Price: Your horse will sell to the highest bidder at any bid at or above the auction minimum price.
Sell with an undisclosed Minimum Price or Reserve, price not posted: You determine the lowest bid that you will accept.
Sell at or above a Minimum Starting Bid: Your entry will sell to the highest bidder that meets or bids higher than any minimum opening bid. This works best IF the opening bid you set looks like a real bargain.
Sell Subject to Seller Confirmation: Seller will have 24 hours to confirm and accept the final price following the close of the auction to decide to accept the final bid in the auction. If the seller does not respond within that time frame the horse will NOT be sold.

Are you a Seller?
Ask yourself these questions:

  • How long has this horse been for sale?
  • Have I had any interest at the listed price?
  • How much does it cost me to keep this horse every month?
  • What is my plan if I don’t sell it in this online auction?
  • How much will I spend to keep this horse until I get another offer?

More about Reserve Prices

What is a Reserve?

A reserve price is the lowest price a seller is willing to accept for a horse or pony. If the reserve price has not been met by the time the auction ends, the entry will not be sold.

This is a Reserve Auction - the right of the seller to bid through the auctioneer or otherwise is expressly reserved.

Getting Paid

When do you get paid?
The law requires that we spell out when you get paid and what could hold that up. We pay you in 10 to 15 business days. Our contract clearly defines the reasons that we can hold payment if you, the seller, has not provided the certificates or passports that you represented your entry has of if there is a dispute over the representation of your entry.
Commissions are fully disclosed in our auction contract. Multiple commissions and hidden ownership interests are increasingly common in private sales.