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Create an Account to Get Started
Click  to go to the Online Auction index page to Create an Account and Register to Bid!
If you have an account, just "LOG IN" using your existing user name and password, and click on the Open for Bidding button beside
the auction's name
If you are new to our online auctions you will need to create an account.
    - Click on the " CREATE ACCOUNT " button on the left side of the screen 
    - Fill out the information
    - Pick a screen name and a password
    - Click SUBMIT
    - You have an account! 

Request A Bidding Number
1 - Log in with your use name and password.
2 - Click on the link in red letters Register to Bid below the auction. Click on "here" to request a bidder's number.
  • Click on the Open for Bidding button and look near the top of the page for "Welcome! To request a bidder number, click here".
  • Click on "here" to request a bidder's number.
  • Either of these will take you to your Profile Page
3 - Go to the bottom of your Profile Page, check the box to agree to the Terms and Click Submit.
4 - We will issue a bidder’s number to you and you will receive an email.
5 - log out, log back in and go the auction. Your bidder’s number will be in yellow at the top of the page.

In order to obtain a bidding number for the Internet Auction we require the following information
- the name of your bank or the name of a contact person at your bank
- your bank's phone number.

  • We don't ask for your credit card number to register.
  • We don’t ask for an account number.
  • All you need to provide is the name of your bank and a phone number.
  • It's safe and easy.
  • Watch your email for approval
You can buy your favorite before the bidding opens!

Before the auction bidding starts, there is a “Make and Offer” button. If you wish to purchase a horse or pony before bidding starts, click that button, make an offer, and the auction company will contact the seller to see if the offer is acceptable. If it is accepted, the transaction must be settled before actual bidding starts on the auction. If the offer is not accepted, you can either submit another offer, or wait and bid on the horse/pony after the auction begins.
​Remember, you and the seller are bound by contract to make payment through SportHorseAuctions.com.
Pay for your purchase

Payment is due in three (3) business days from the close of the auction.
Credit Card
  • Following the auction we will send you an email with your invoice.  
  • Click on the Pay link in the email to pay by credit card through our secure storefront.
Debit Card
  • If you want to use a Debit Card, be sure that you contact the issuing bank and let them know you will be making large purchase. 

​Bank Wire
We will be happy to send you wire instructions. Call us at (866) 652-7789
Confirmation of Payment

As soon as we receive notice of your payment, we will send the Seller a Buyer Confirmation Form and send you a copy as well. This will confirm that you have paid for your horse or pony. The seller will sign the form and have the person who picks up the horse or pony sign it too. They are to return the Confirmation form to us by email or fax it to 866-652-7789.
Transportation is the responsibility of the Buyer. 
For most of our auctions, the seller will board the horse for up to 5 days at no additional charge. 

Buyer is responsible for obtaining the Interstate Health Certificate and/or International Import or Export papers for transportation.