The MOST IMPORTANT part of your listing...
  1. A basic conformation video
    Show the horse tracking from the side, front and back. Video by
  2. A grooming video.
    Show the horse being groomed, saddled, etc. Video by Danielle Veasy of the high selling foal of 2013.
It’s up to you to show them enough to make them want to buy. Most will not come to your place to try your entry. Shoppers only know what you show them. 
Would you buy a horse or pony if all you could see was a couple of 10 second videos?  Of course not!

You cannot expect shoppers to bid if they can’t see what they are bidding for. Make the effort to provide sufficient videos. 

Videos that SELL
Videos are often the deciding factor in whether they will bid and how much they will pay you for your horse or pony. It's up to you to show potential bidders enough on your videos to make them comfortable. A single 10 second video clip won't make someone spend much money. 
Upload up to 4 Youtube Video Links when you enter online or email your video links to [email protected]

Four (4) Videos can be linked to the online information for your horse. 
We have found the following to be effective marketing tools.
Video 1 - Should be 2 minutes or less to keep the interest of initial shoppers. (Think of this as the commercial)
Video 2 - This one can be longer to show more detail. (Think of this as the infomercial)
Video 3 - Include conformation and movement so bidders can see legs at walk and trot. Add footage that shows the horses disposition, being groomed and saddled and in the stall. 
Take a look at the examples of conformation and grooming videos. 
Links to videos on other sites and additional YouTube video links can be included in the description of your entry.

For videos that are not online, send us the video files and we will create a branded video and upload it to youtube for $15 per video.

Videos for Show Horses & Ponies
  1. Show Video
    Show them a FULL course or test.
  2. Introduction Video
    Let shoppers get to know your entry.
  3. Work at home
    Show them a training session at home