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November 2018 will mark our second edition of the Young Horse Show Series Finals ‘Stallion Auction’! The inaugural 2017 auction was a great success for both mare and stallion owners, featuring a wide range of remarkable and talented sires, and we were pleased to offer variety in multiple disciplines of sport horse breeding.

The YHS Stallion Auction supports the Young Horse Show Final allowing us to host the best possible young horse event of the year in the United States, showcasing young stock for multiple disciplines and breeds, making it the most unique competition of its kind.

We hope that the 2018 online auction will once again give you a personal opportunity to breed to an exclusive stallion at a discounted rate and look forward to once again working with Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC, who will be conducting this online auction, and offering the knowledge and expertise to everyone interested.

The Young Horse show team invites you to consider a future breeding to one of the many stallions offered in the YHS Online Auction or, if you are a stallion owner, either new, or well established, this is a great opportunity to donate a breeding and promote your program!
Let’s all work together and make the YHS Finals the place to be when it comes to the future of our sport!

Thank you and best regards,
The YHS Team.